Monday, July 27, 2009


Well with baby Grace almost here, we decided to take the boat out one last time and enjoy it before we're too busy changing diapers. So we went out to Lake Ray Hubbard (close to Dallas) with Jeff, Dana, and their daughter Hannah.

So here are a couple of pictures of us wakesurfing behind the boat.

(and for those not familiar with wakesurfing...) It's not as dangerous as it looks, but you can only do it behind full inboard boats since the prop is up underneath the boat and not sticking out behind. Otherwise it's similar to wakeboarding, but you're only going 10mph as opposed to 20mph. You get pulled up with a similar rope, but once you get comfortable you can toss the rope back in the boat and SURF the 4' tall wake. And once you get really comfortable, you can have someone toss you a beer and enjoy a frosty beverage while you surf.

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