Thursday, July 8, 2010

Camera Face!

We had a wonderful time in Wimberley at Ryan's mom and step-dad's house last weekend. Ryan's Aunt Nini and Uncle Corky, cousin Megan and her boyfriend Jody along with Ryan's step-brother Mace and his two kids were all there. Good thing the house is big! We missed Kara but she was loving her alone time back at home! It was a packed house but a lot of fun! We spent our time shopping and relaxing. The weather was a little off so we didn't hang out in the river. We really wanted to stay until Monday but decided to head back to the Big D on Sunday. We are going on vacation with my family next week and have a ton to do. It also took us 5 1/2 hours to get there due to traffic and we just couldn't handle sitting in traffic on the way back. Here are some pictures from our trip. Aunt Nini taught Grace to make a "camera face" every time we try to take a picture. Needless to say Grace thought it was HILARIOUS! She is still doing it and we have been home for 4 days!

Aunt Nini bought Grace a new flower headband! She also bought her about 5 outfits! Grace has more clothes than I do!

Of course Uncle Corky had to try out the flower too!

Grace's new trick "Camera Face!"

Camera Face AGAIN!

Camera face one more time...I'm really hoping this is just a phase! It was adorable at first but now Mommy is ready to get some "normal" pictures!

I know the spacing is a little weird, bear with me I am still getting the hang of blogging! I also haven't found a template I like so I am trying different ones.

Blessings! Momma L


Aim Claim said...

That face is hilarious! I would have to agree, let's hope it doesn't stick, she is much cuter with a more natural look! LOL! Have fun next week. Can't wait to see pics!

Shonna Craigo said...

I am very impressed with your blogging! Go Leah!