Tuesday, February 3, 2009

3rd Sonogram

We went back to the doctor yesterday (Feb. 2nd) and saw the baby for the third time. She was moving and grooving!! The doctor said everything looks perfect. The baby was even arching its back and neck, which is a very good sign. We were able to see the baby’s fingers and toes, which was amazing! She also looked right at us and we could see the face, it was so cool! The heartbeat was 161 bpm and is almost 2 inches long. We got back the test results and everything turned out great, so we shouldn't have anything to worry about. We are truly blessed.

We got another video but it didn't record the best parts when she was kicking and pushing herself around.

I go back to the doctor later this month, but we won't get another sonogram until the end of March which will be when we find out the whether it's a boy or a girl.

The picture above is the one that Ryan thinks looks like he's smoking!

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