Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Youth's revenge

Well I think my mischief as an adolescent has already begun to come back and get it's revenge!
Saturday night we had a fun evening with our friends Shonna and Andy Craigo. We had dinner at the most expensive Sushi and Chinese food Buffet I've ever been to. It cost almost as much as the amazing buffet at the Bellagio hotel in Vegas. Although I do have to note, we received a free meal courtesy of an old colleague who I worked with on a hospital project in Lewisville a few years ago...so I can't complain about the price of the buffet ($27each). After dinner we met up with Courtney & Fred at 300, the home of a bowling alley, laser tag, game arcade, bar, billiards, and a private club which you can rent out for $100/hour for a private bowling party.
Anyway, enough of the first half of the story and back to the revenge part...
So we leave the bowling alley just after midnight, which by the way is the latest Leah has stayed awake since New Year's, and we arrive home to see that our house has been WRAPPED or TP'ed (Toilet-Papered). We don't know who and we don't know why, but Leah thinks it was a random act of some kids because we have a perfect tree for wrapping. I disagree and I also feel that it wasn't nearly as good of a job as myself and my cohorts had done in the past! I believe our best achievement was for Sabrina's 17th birthday when we bought almost 100 rolls of toilet paper and wrapped her house while her parents watched us from inside...of course we didn't know it at the time. They later confessed to Sabrina that they didn't want to interrupt artists at work.
So I guess those one or two times when I snuck out of the house and went 'wrapping' have finally caught up with me. I really thought my mischief would take a lot longer to enact its revenge.


Neena said...

Golly I have thought more times than I want to admit about wrapping your house....I don't know why I would want to do such a thing. I guess it is because I have always wanted to TP a house and never did. All sorts of weird things have come to my mind since turning 60....BUT I DID NOT DO IT I promise hahaha...now about Leah staying up do you mean moving, talking or were her eyes just open????? hahah that’s ok because it won't be long until UP is all she knows and then comes that wonderful phone call NEENA John Wiley is begging for a sleepover...I said "He is only 6 weeks old and he is talking? Why he is brilliant! Yes of course he can come for a sleepover." You say "How many nights and when"

love you both kj

Neena said...

I am being pretty bold with my predictions of my next new baby!!! I have been wrong so many times (some save my average is 100% of the time wrong) but I have never been so bold has o publicly post my predictions. I am putting myself in a very vulnerable position as now there will be documented and public evidence....oh well I only have a month to see and if I am right...well that is public too???????????? As you can see I have predicted a grandson....but I don't really care as long as I get to have him as long as he wants to come...it never really lasts as long as I wished it would. kj