Friday, October 23, 2009

Grace's 2-month check-up

Today was Grace's 2-month check-up... For starters I had to drop Mommy and Grace off while I took Mernie to do some shopping while we were at the doctor. But by the time I got back, Grace had soaked her dress and mommy's jacket with spit-up, and Grace had peed all over the baby scale (they make you weigh without any clothes or diapers). So needless to say we were off to a bad start.

And as it turned out the last 2 minutes when Grace received her shots, wasn't much better. It happened so fast but Grace's loud cry made Mommy cry too. (I think Grace recovered faster than Leah!)

But enough of the bad news and on with the good news!!!!

Grace is doing GREAT! She's growing and developing exactly as she should. She weighed 10lbs 13.5oz which puts her in the 50th percentile. She is 23.75" LONG, which puts her in the 92nd percentile! (Although she measured 23" long at home). And her head was 37.6cm, which puts her in the 8th percentile.

So all in all it was a good 2-month check-up for Grace Elizabeth. Our next one is at 4 months.

And here is Princess Grace taking a nap after the doctor's visit.

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Bryan and Lexie said...

Glad to hear that Baby Grace is growing and doing well...I hope mommy is doing better now too! I can't wait to meet your newest family member!! Thinking of you always...Bryan and Lexie