Monday, October 19, 2009

...past due update

I know that I'm way behind with updates of here's a quick rundown of what's been happening in The Robinson household.

September 4 - Mernie (Ryan's mom) came up to stay with us for a week and help out with Grace. Mernie firmly believes that Grace is the most beautiful grandbaby in the world!

September 6 - We celebrated Neena's (Leah's mom) birthday (Sep 2) in Waxahachie with Rich, Micah, Emily, Jacob, Elizabeth, Benjamin, David, and Uncle Pete (Caleb).

September 19 - Happy 1-month Birthday Grace!

September 19 - Grace watches her first Red Raider football game. (we lost to UT...BOO!)

September 21-22 - I had to take my first overnight business trip (to Philadelphia) away from Mommy and Grace...but I survived.

October 5- Mommy goes back to work for the first time in 6 weeks. Thankfully Neena has been able to watch her during the day instead of Grace having to go to daycare.

October 8 - I was asked to give a lecture at Texas Tech University to over 250 freshman Architecture students. I can honestly say that when I was sitting there in the same class back in 1995, I never in a million years thought I'd be giving a college lecture. My lecture was titled "A day in the life of an Architect". (see link at the bottom of this post for a video that our visualization gurus at work created for me to use. I'm not in the video, but it's a cool view into our firm and the architecture profession.)

October 9 - We celebrated our friend Dana's 30th birthday and Grace got to hang out with Uncle Micah and Auntie Em and cousins for her first night of babysitting. And afterwards, Grace slept through the night for the first time!!!!

October 16 - Grace's first road trip to Houston. We stopped off in Kingwood to visit Aunt Kim, Uncle Will, and cousins Rachel, Paige, and Sami. Mernie, Gramps and Uncle Jesse were there too. Saturday we spent the day with Granny Bea and _______ (Ryan's dad...who is waiting for Grace to give him his nickname.) Saturday night we went over to Jack and Kelly's for a gettogether to celebrate Grace and Aunt Tinti's birthday.

Sunday we went to see Rulla (Grace's great-grandmother) and Rulla said "she's PERFECT!" Also on Sunday, we returned back to Richardson with Mernie, who's going to stay with Grace for 9 days.

October 19 - Happy 2-month Birthday Grace!!

October 19 - After only 2 weeks back at work, Mommy just can't handle being away from Grace all day, so she reduces her hours at work so she can spend more time at home.

Other than that, we've just been changing diapers and enjoying the abundance of smiles that Grace has been providing us lately.

Also, check out our new picture site (link on right side of this page) where we'll be uploading all our pictures of Grace and The Robinson Family journeys.

Architecture - The Real World on Vimeo.

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